From Traditional to Digital International Media Research Symposium (IMS2020)

Ege University 

28-29 May 2020 İzmir / TURKEY

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 Invitation to the Symposium

The 2nd From Traditional to Digital International Media Research Symposium (IMS2020) will be held on 28-29 May 2020 at Ege University Communications Faculty in İzmir, Turkey. The first IMS organized by Ege University Communications Faculty in 2018 encountered a great interest that proves the importance of continuous discussion of scholars, practitioners and decision makers on problems and solutions concerning the communication world both at international and national levels. Media drastically changes and transforms our lifestyles, daily lives, activities in private life and within the public sphere. With the rapid acceleration of the digital, media’s strong effects will continue to shape the social, political and cultural structures of future societies.

“Digital Transformation and Future Design in Media”

Based on this premise, the theme of the second IMS2020 is determined as “Digital Transformation, Future Design and Media”. IMS2020 aims to create an academic discussion platform on digitization and media with the participation of scholars, field researchers, practitioners and NGO representatives from different countries. The symposium will include discussions on; current developments in media research, research methods, digital applications, research models and digital learning.

Papers can be presented either in English or in Turkish.

We kindly invite you to our symposium to share your expertise, experience and research on media studies. We strongly believe that IMS2020 will be a productive symposium that facilitates academic knowledge exchange and friendly conversation.

We will be very glad and honored to receive your papers and meet you at the IMS 2020.

                               We call for papers that are related – but not limited to the below topics:

  • Digital Transformation and Future Design in Media
  • Digital Media Literacy
  • Digital Media and Creativity
  • Digital Media and Brand Communication
  • New Media and the Other
  • New Media and Ethics
  • Digital Mass Broadcasting
  • Network Society and Industry 4.0
  • Digital Narratives: Transmedia and Intertextuality
  • New Generation Journalism
  • Digital Content Generation / Generators
  • New Media and Legal Regulations

All papers related to the field of communication are welcome to submit.